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Articles in category 'The Industries Of Records, Gaming, Software, Movies'

Articles in category 'The Industries Of Records, Gaming, Software, Movies'

The top 10 most downloaded films on Torrent.
This week topping the chart is “Avatar”. Avatar is the story of an ex-Marine who finds himself thrust into hostilities on an alien planet filled with exotic life forms. As an Avatar, a human mind in an alien body, he finds himself torn between two worlds, in a desperate fight for his own survival and that of the indigenous people whom he has develop a bond with.
Cloud Nine for Avatar, The Hurt Locker
The nominations are out. The most awaited list that drizzles everyone in the entertainment industry is finally out, rising hope of some and breaking hearts of others!
Apple a Day, Keeps Pirates at Bay
Does it actually work?
Divided opinions for sure! That’s the story line of Install0us.
PS3 Finally Hacked!!
PlayStation (PS) is one of the biggest and best game consoles of all time. The whole history of PlayStation began in December 1994. when PS (or also called PSone, PS1 or PSX) was introduced to the world and changed the way we played forever. It was the first of it’s kind, playing games in 3D, with graphics never seen before, full vibration functions in the game pads, games full of life and nice stories, long enough to spend a week or more just figuring out some of the sweet games that came out on this first generation console of it’s kind. I can’t think of a single person who did not hear about it, even my grandparents did. This console sold more than 102.49 million units all over the world, and it’s still played strong. It was the first in many things, one of them where the copy chips that allowed the console to play and run pirated or just copied material from a CD-R that was not supported originally by the console. It made a revolution with it.
Industry: Epidemic Of Failure
For those whom do not know this, it is completely legal to share files via the bit torrent protocol. So many of us are ill informed about our rights as patrons of the file sharing world. With all the propaganda, and lies put out by anti-piracy, most assume that the would be world of torrents is against the law. This is simply untrue, and file sharing is allowed in any form, although the fight against it has heated up immensely.


Rewind a few decades, to the pasy. Once upon this time, there was a guy with his neat new cassette player, who had purchased many new release albums (both A & B side :) for his player. The AM radio he had in his garage, was bent up, battered, and received major static interference. This man, decided he would take the cassettes to a friends house, where they both listened endlessly. This friend, decided he liked the music, and bought his own copy. He then also took it to a friends home, and that friend followed in his footsteps, and purchased it as well. Are we seeing a cycle here?

This is how file sharing has always been, a very resourceful promotional tool (free advertising) for the major multi-billion dollar industries, in this case, the record industry. Someone somewhere, was able to hear content, that without their friends or family "sharing" with them, they would never have had the opportunity to enjoy the material to begin with. Thus, dubbing, copying, duplicating, all began.

The advancements in the modern world of technology, have also played a key role in this. The same companies (Sony Entertainment) who have a stranglehold on the industries of television, music, movies, etc. decided they would create newer pieces of equipment. Thus, the world of cd burners and dvd burners appeared. Even further to the future and we have bluray re-writable drives. Amazing as well, that these same companies, also invest and distribute the media that is used to record these "duplicates" or "copies" of the entertainment, which they (The Industry) also sell as a pre-made product. This began the oxymoron of the war on file sharing.

How can a company, whether it be it's main role of business, or it's investors, or it's affiliates; make the decision sell something capable of freely copying what it makes a profit selling? Of course, money is how. Money is the essence of the battle. They have no problem selling you the hard media to "copy" materials, but they do have a problem when you actually do decide to copy their products. Oh the irony.

The days of cassette wars and false propaganda from anti-piracy, are far from over. The difference is now, we live in 2009. We are in the prime of a technological revolution, and new advancements appear each day. The knowledge of creating and identifying, has spread from a handful of insiders to a few million worldwide. The information that lies in the matrix known as the internet, is forever endless.

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