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ExtraTorrent.ag > Articles > Articles in category 'Geek Zone'

Articles in category 'Geek Zone'

Articles in category 'Geek Zone'

Realistic Golf Video Arcade Game
The best thing for the Golf lover is invented by Hammacher Schlemmer. It is known as Putt! Championship Edition. It was designed by Athyrio Games & Chicago Gaming. Putt! Championship Edition is the first as a video golf game. To play it, it uses real ball and putter. It is based on the 3-D effects. It has 18 challenging holes for the miniature golf play! It is a good entertaining machine but not for the con man. Every thing is mastered and carefully done that it will put real effect on the players and it has won in his superb show. Players can also hit the ball to obstacles like in real world to guide their ball towards the hole
Introducing USB 3.0
The Universal Serial Bus standard has come a long way since its introduction in 1996. Backed by a consortium of companies led by Intel, Compaq and Microsoft, it offered some unheard-of features for its time, including the ability to connect peripherals without turning off the computer first and to draw power without a separate AC connection. The standard became popular with the arrival of version 1.1 in late 1998, allowing a maximum transfer rate of 12Mb/s, and as we can witness nowadays just about any device comes standard with 'Hi-Speed' USB 2.0 connectivity.

Operation Chokehold A Reality
AT&T since the launch of the world's most popular mobile device, the iPhone, have been complaining of extreme data usage on the part of their customers. The state that due to high resources being used by those whom paid for the service that it's bogging down their networks, and not allowing them to operate at maximum capacity.

Western Digital’s Green Series Pros And Cons
I had the “luck” of hearing and buying one of the Western Digital’s HDDs which is welcomed by all main electronic and gadget sites. I wanted to enlarge my storage for the simple reason of getting too many great movies and music from ET, day after day overloading my current storage and having to burn to DVD almost every two or three days. Now, that I have bought a HDD shouldn’t be anybody’s concern here on ET, but I wanted to share my experience with you all and even did a “little” sniffing around, why is this Green version good or bad.

How To Create Torrents & Upload Them To ET
Consider this a how-to for the newbies which want to make .torrent files, upload them to Extra Torrent, and have a full and professional looking description. It's a handy tool for those whom do not know.

This guide, as far as creating the torrent file, it based upon the UTORRENT program.
BLUE is used on the names of FOLDERS.
RED is used for emphasis.


Create a folder in My Documents called MY ET TORRENTS.
This is where you will save the new Torrent files you will make.
Not the actual files you will share!

Create a folder in My Documents called MY ET TORRENT FOLDERS.
This is where you will make folders that contain the files you will share in YOUR Torrent.
Make 1 folder for each torrent you create.


IMPORTANT: Don't create the torrent file from a folder that's located on your desktop!
We'll use a VIDEO file as an example!

Create a new folder in MY ET VIDEOS with the same name as the video you'll put inside it
Copy/Move the VIDEO file into this new folder.
Copy/Move anything else that will be a part of this Torrent such as images, text or a small video sample clip from the film. You name it!



Open FILE>CREATE NEW TORRENT. This opens the torrent creation box
Hit ADD DIRECTORY & select the folder holding the files to be shared. Hit OK.
You will now see the folder's path in the long box above.


Trackers are sites that monitor who shares & who wants.
In TORRENT PROPERTIES inside the TRACKERS: box copy & paste these sample tracker sites below:
















The first Tracker should have no spaces before it.
All tracker names must have a blank line between them.
There should be no spaces after the last tracker.
The box is small so use the up/down arrows to scroll thru what you pasted.

You can add a comment if you like.
The START SEEDING box should be checked by default.

Hit CREATE AND SAVE AS... & chose the MY ET TORRENTS folder as the SAVE IN location.
The Torrent’s name should be the same as the folder by default. If not, make it so.
Your new Torrent fils is now created there.
You can now CLOSE the CREATE BOX.


UTORRENT will open the torrent & start SEEDING (Trying to Upload).
You should see a GREEN UP ARROW in front to show active seeding.

You should see 1 SEED (You).
SEEDS are uploading & have downloaded the whole TORRENT.

You should see 0 PEERS.
PEERS still don’t have the entire TORRENT.

Press the lower TRACKERS column to see if the trackers are working.

When you double click on your seeding torrent, you’ll view its running properties. Here you can add or remove trackers for testing purposes. THE ORIGINAL TORRENT IS NOT CHANGED.

In the OTHER SETTINGS section, Don’t check the initial seeding box even though it sounds logical. I had very bad speed results my first time out. It isn’t checked by default.

The other 3 boxes ENABLE DHT, PEER EXCHANGE & LOCAL PEER DISCOVERY are checked by default. They should be.


Login to ET and click on the UPLOAD A TORRENT link you’ll see in the upper-left side of the main page.

Browse to your MY ET TORRENTS folder & select your new TORRENT file.

Pick what type of file your sharing.

Optional web address about the file


The description box will display your custom text on the web page.

By adding script like "[img][/img]" around an address of an image stored online, you can display that image on your TORRENT’s page such as [img]http://.........picture.jpg[/img].

What you type in there is what will make your new torrent's web page look sweet and professional.

What's in the Description box will show up between the standard info box on the top of every page & the Comments at the bottom.

There’s a great editor with all the script buttons you can ever want to use.


You must be logged in with your ET ID to see the editing option!

Once you create the torrent page, you can go to it & EDIT it using a custom PAGE EDITOR.

The EDIT button is to the right of ADMIN ACTION.
It sounds official but on YOUR page, you are an ADMIN.

In the EDIT mode, there are all kinds of helpful script buttons to add text, images & much more.
You can look at some other people’s pages to see what info they like to post.
Commonly seen eye-candy is actors, a brief plot description, technical info about the file & pictures.
In music torrents, the BITRATE or overall quality is a good fact to display

Any pictures on your web-page must be stored somewhere on the web already.
You can use images you found on the web.
If you have some you made, you have to upload them somewhere online like:

You can also use your Win Live Hotmail/Photos storage.

Here's a larger list. It’s below with a short description.

To add images, type in the full address of the image, highlight it with your mouse and use the image button above.

That's it! You can go word then image then more words. Whatever order you like.
Just save when you’re done and check out how the page looks now!

Fill in the last 2 boxes and hit SAVE


Once people start to download your torrent, you will see Peers grow in your UTORRENT display.

Usually UTORRENT will slow or stop seeding once you have uploaded as much data as you downloaded for that TORRENT, depending on what it’s set to.
To keep this from happening on your job, R-CLICK on your TORRENT and choose FORCE START.
This will let you seed for as long as you want.

The PEERS column can show you info about each peer connected such as how much of the file he has & his upload/download speeds.

You might need to seed for a few days till there’s enough people who are being seeds themselves.

p.s: new and verified uploaders will not be able to upload freely as there is a spam filter imposed on them..therefore they will have to get their torrents verified before uploading further

you can read and understand more about the filters here:


and you can request for your torrents to be verified here:


Hope this helps everyone who is totally new to this.

By: marblezilla
November 27th, 2009
More about Google’s Chrome OS
Finally we have our first look at Chrome OS, Google’s own answer to our operating system needs. They are trying to revolutionize the way we look at our system and they asked themselves how they should do it. They practically trashed everything that we used to know as an operating system and started from scratch. It appears to people that Microsoft and Linux are the greatest competitors and Mac and the others follow their lead, but we must keep in mind that once in a while somebody can come up with an elegant solution to our needs.

Google Chrome OS Beta Released Publicly
Finally the arrival of the Unix coded Google Chrome OS is here. Many have anticipated this release, and expected it to be huge. Just the firepower alone that the Google name can bring, is massive.
UK Police Arrest Two In Virus Case
In the United Kingdom, a couple from Manchester had been secretly developing and spreading some of the most intense computer viruses in the history of PC viral contaminates. On Wednesday, they were both arrested with assistance from both local police departments and the investigation led by Scotland Yard.

Google OS Set To Explode Next Week
Google and it's record breaking industrial complex within the search engine world, has broken many barriers by creating interesting new products which fans go mad about. They first exploded with the search engine in 1998, and since then have not only become a giant worldwide in just indexing, but a well oiled machine in the software world as well.

NFO Creation & History
Do you release your own torrents, which you encoded or recorded or compressed? Have you a wide variety of custom created content you wish to share, but are not sure how to make an .nfo file? I'd like to share with you all a great application to help you in building a .nfo file extension for your content.

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